Interior Door Warranties

All Shuster’s Interior Doors – 1 Year

Shuster’s Flush, Flush Fire, Molded, Molded Fire, Stile & Rail, Stile & Rail Fire, Louver, and Barn Doors are under warranty for I year.

Warranty Exclusions

  1. Failure to install out of occordance with Shuster’s Builing Components installation instructions.
  2. Improper handling, storage, or care.
  3. Improper maintence on the door unit.
  4. Sunlight, water, or extreme heat damage.
  5. Improperly stored units such as in damp buildings or where HVAC systems are not functioning properly.
  6. Damage during installation by an exterior application.
  7. Damage to the door by another companies hardware.
  8. Damage by chemicals, acids, or fumes.
  9. Improper finishing.
  10. Normal defects caused by weather.
  11. Problems caused by improper use or using the products for other than it’s intended use.
  12. Expansion of any kind of the panels, jambs, slabs, due to environmental changes is not a defect.
  13. Damages caused by improper installation of hardware.
  14. Damages to the door cause by improper installation conditions.
  15. Any damages during repairs to a fire door that is not completed by someone from Shuster’s Building Components.