Paragon Pre-Finish /
Stained Door Warranty

Paragon Pre-finished & Stained Doors are covered for 5 Years

All Metal, Fiberglass, and Composite parts of the door or sidelites under normal use will be free from major defects like paint and stain delaminating, cracking, and chalking.

Maintenance & Care

(At least once a year or as needed)

  1. To clean doors, wash with mild soap and water, rinse with clear water and wipe dry.
  2. To protect the finish, spray and wipe with protectant (such as Meguiar’s Detaling Spray).
  3. For stained finishes, periodic painting with non-yellowing clearcoat is recommended for doors exposed to extreme weather conditions.
  4. If finish is accidentally scratched or chipped first, clean the unit then use the touch-up paint or stain that is provided.


  • Unit is not properly maintained
  • If a storm door is installed it voids the warranty
  • Minor dings, dents, or waves in panels are acceptable
  • Dark colors painted or stained and doors installed on south side of buildings

If a customer wants any of these problems fixed it will be at the customers expense.

All returned units must be in original package or damage is at customer’s expense.

Slight fading is acceptable.

Touch up paint is included with each steel door. All pre-finished door units are
non-returnable. Defects, scratches, dents, etc. must be reported within 24 hours
upon receipt of goods otherwise we are not responsible.