Adam Wendt

It’s rare when you find a partner that immediately understands and aligns with your values and vision. We felt that immediately when we started working with Shuster’s and see that same commitment. I could go on about the ease of working with their team, to their product expertise, to their willingness to take risks and introduce products and services to help their customers.

There are several core philosophies that were immediate. First, they are committed to their customers. Shuster’s works diligently to build long-term relationships and do the little things to support their customers. Next, they understand their market. They have been in same business since 1950 and have a built-in muscle that understands the products that will give them a leg up on their competition AND are willing to inventory items to support it. Rarely do we find customers willing to put their hard earned dollars at work. Finally, they are committed to their vendors. They provide knowledgeable information and work with us to develop the products they need to be successful.

We believe these are the things that give them an advantage. We believe in Shuster’s and are committed to their success.